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Men’s Guide to a Healthy 4th of JulyWith all of the tasty and abundant summer foods that the 4th of July brings, it’s very tempting to let the celebration ruin our healthy eating plans, only for us to regret it later on. Don’t get stuck in this unhealthy holiday eating pattern. Make your 4th of July happy and healthy with these tips: 1. Be the master of the grill Fourth of July parties are incomplete without some barbecue on the menu. This year, be in charge of the grill and prepare something healthy for your family and other guests. Choose meats that are healthier and leaner—skinless chicken or fish, perhaps. Also, portion control is easy if you grill meats in smaller sizes. 4th of July Healthy Tips with Body By Design 2. Learn to relax Behind too many parties is a frazzled and stressed-out host. If you are preparing a party, try to relax a bit. Stress is unhealthy and can lead to emotional eating, which can ruin your efforts to stay healthy. 3. Focus less on food The 4th of July is not all about food. Focus on having fun with family and friends and don’t forget to celebrate the real meaning of Independence day. It’s America’s birthday, after all. Focus on activities that will encourage the celebration of our glorious freedom. As the man of the family, you can provide fun by organizing outdoor games that will be enjoyed by kids and adults alike. 4. Stay away from fatty foods At the party, fill half of your plate with healthy food choices. If you start to crave some…

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