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Facial Fillers, Microneedling, Aesthetics, & Weight Loss   Click To Call Us Now!

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You’ve Tried all the Gimmicks to Lose Weight. Now Turn to Science.

Have you looked in the mirror for the last time and dreamed of a leaner version of yourself? Are you ready to make the change? Are you ready to drop the weight and move ahead?

Then you are Ready for the HCG Medical Weight-Loss Program

This program allows you to lose 15-30 pounds in 30 days with Medically Prescribed hCG Injections.

Our center follows Dr. Sheri Emma’s new updated protocol that allows for a wider variety of food and is even easier to implement, making it simple to remain compliant. With this new updated hCG diet clients enjoy smoother treatment and faster results. If you’re done dreaming of a new you—call us and start the process today.

How Does it Work?

Simply put, these injections are made from the hCG hormone that occurs naturally in the body. This hormone protects your lean muscle mass and blocks the body from entering starvation mode while it helps stimulate your body to metabolize stored, abnormal fat for energy. This means your body doesn’t burn muscle like most weight loss programs, it burns fat, almost exclusively.

Our clients lose ½ to 1 pound of pure fat every day.  These results are definitely typical, unlike many programs you see on TV.

The results speak for themselves.

Our patients lose an average of ½ a pound to 1 pound of stored fat per day! Keep in mind, your body will burn up calories from your own stored body fat, so you maintain energy while your body sheds weight—every day!

hCG works with your brain to reset your metabolism.

Once you have completed the program and you have arrived at your goal weight, your hunger will be set lower, you will find it harder than before to gain weight—making it extremely easy to maintain your losses. And, because there is no muscle loss, skin doesn’t appear saggy or old.

This hCG program has been tried, tested, and proven. Of course, professional research studies have proven that the hCG diet is effective. But scores of patients have also proved it by transforming their bodies quickly and effectively.