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Michelle - Individual Results May Vary

Angela - Individual Results May Vary

George Lost 36 lbs! - Individual Results May Vary

Amber - Individual Results May Vary

Melanie - Individual Results May Vary

Bill - Individual Results May Vary

Charles M. – Individual Results May Vary

Body by Design changed my diet and the way that I live. I am more willing to exercise and walk, and do things I didn’t want to before. The Lipo Laser procedure was strange at first, but I was never uncomfortable. I have lost 15 pounds since the first day I walked in the front door in late July. I saw the results quickly and the weight has stayed off. The staff at Body by Design is very professional and the office is very clean and welcoming. I would definitely recommend Body by Design to people, the place is top notch.

Kathleen J. – Individual Results May vary

Body by Design is just that… although there are many great packages to pick from you are able to design your own package as well. Lisa made a package just for me targeting my problem areas. I wanted to reshape my thighs and work on cellulite. At this point I have lost 7 inches in this area and my pants fit so much better. The wraps have made my skin so soft too! My boyfriend loves the results so much he presented me with a $100 Victoria Secret gift card! Can’t wait for my final weight and measurement!

Cynthia M. – Individual Results May Vary

I walked into Body by Design with skepticism. Anywhere I went to seek help with my body’s problem; I was told that I didn’t qualify for their services since I always maintained a good weight. I am 61 years old; my last 11 yrs. have been post-menopausal. During these years, even though me weight stayed the same, my abdominal area become a huge problem. With the factors of child bearing, added menopausal symptoms, stress, and age scientifically the fat cells automatically gather in the woman’s abdominal area. Not only did I lose my waist but I gained a tire around it. Body by design never made me feel like I couldn’t be helped. I was given a much healthier diet to follow. The body wraps and lipo lasers were surprisingly pain free and so relaxing. I lost inches from my waist and I looked and felt better. Though I got wonderful results, my favorite part of body by design were the personnel responsible for my services. From those at the front desk to the ladies in the back performing the treatments to those in the individual offices, male and female, everyone had exceptional qualities, and very professional. The whole experience had me looking forward to every next visit. It’s a pleasure to walk in the door of Body by Design. I will tell everyone that I know about my experience here and recommend Body by Design.

Hailey B. – Individual Results May Vary

I would recommend Body by Design to anyone. My entire experience start to finish was relaxing, informative, and comfortable. Not once did I ever feel uncomfortable, the staff goes out of their way to answer all of your questions, not only at your complimentary consultation, but throughout your appointment as well. I have been looking for a Detoxifying Body Wrap to do for over a year now, and finally came into Body by Design to inquire about their Herbal Body Wrap. I will admit I was skeptical, even after reading all the amazing testimonials, because I thought that there was no way that a body wrap could work so effectively. Well, I will be the first to admit how wrong I was. With just one Herbal Detoxifying Body Wrap, I lost over 6 inches throughout my body in just the first hour, and continued to lose weight as I detoxified over the next 24-48. Since then, I have not been able to stop talking about and recommending Body by Design to anyone who will listen to me!

Lisa L. – Individual Results May Vary

When I saw the ad for Body by Design and decided to make that first phone call, I never dreamed that 6 months later, I would have lost 80 lbs and reached my goal weight. When I look at the “old” me, I am struck by the look of sadness and defeat in my face. My goal weight seemed to be such an overwhelming goal. I never thought I would get anywhere close to it. The wonderful staff at Body by Design customized a program just for me, and provided the support and encouragement that I needed to reach my goals. Take it from me – make the call! – Donna B.

I walked into Body By Design for a consultation about my interest in lipo laser treatments to help remove some excess weight I was carrying around my stomach area. I sat down and met with Derek, who talked to me about their products and services and recommended that I think about trying one of their weight loss programs in combination with the laser lipo and body sculpting treatments.

I was skeptical at first, because I had tried so many diets from weight watchers to green smoothie cleanses and had lost a few pounds which was mostly water weight. I didn’t expect to see much of a difference with joining this program. However, after hearing Derek talk about the program I realized it was not a weight loss gimmick. The program was going to support and teach me how to make lifestyle changes that would help me lose weight, become healthier, and most importantly maintain my weight loss!

I also had a special goal in mind. My husband and I were getting ready to celebrate our ten year wedding anniversary by having a vow renewal ceremony and reception on Labor Day weekend of that year! I wanted to see if I could lose enough weight to be the size I was on the day we got married. Since marriage, having a child and ten years later I gained a total of 20 pounds that I could not seem to get rid of. My body had become comfortable at this new weight and was resistant to dropping below it.

I visited Body By Design the last week of May 2015 and began my HCG weight loss program the first week of June 2015. I finished my program at the beginning of August and lost a total 20 pounds. By the time I walked down the aisle again for my ten year anniversary on Labor Day weekend, which was September 6th 2015, I dropped a total 24 pounds. I reached my goal and surpassed it by four pounds! I walked down the aisle looking like the bride I was ten years ago!!!

The Staff at Body By design are absolutely amazing! I cannot thank them enough! They encouraged me every step of the way and without their guidance, support and expertise I would have never accomplished my goals! They taught me the skills to lose the weight but more importantly how to maintain the weight loss even after I finished my program!

I lost a total 24 pounds and went from a size 12/14 to a size 6/8. Absolutely Amazing!!!!!! I would definitely without question recommend Body By design to my family, friends and anyone who is ready to change their life for the better! It was the BEST investment I ever made in myself and I am very grateful for the experience!!!