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Cellulite Treatments in Norwood, Metro Boston

Endermology and Galvanic Treatments for Cellulite

Most men and women will notice, at some point in their lives, the “orange peel-like” appearance of their skin called cellulite. Studies indicate that over 80% of the nation’s population will struggle with cellulite as they age. Though it is most prominent below the waist, on the thighs and posterior, cellulite can also appear on the belly area and on the arms. For centuries, cellulite was considered a normal skin condition. It wasn’t until the turn of the millennium that substantial research was performed to better understand the causes and effects of cellulite.

Fortunately, today’s medical community has a much better understanding of cellulite and are presented with treatment options that are significantly more effective than those of yesteryear. These treatments improve the appearance of cellulite for most patients, though all patients respond to the treatments in varying degrees.

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The ever-growing body of research and case studies have allowed us to determine which cellulite treatments are the most effective. It also allows us to combine treatments in such a way that promotes better skin with more efficient treatment.


Endermology (or “Endermologie™”) is a non-surgical, non-invasive massage treatment that is highly effective and is utilized to reduce cellulite in men and women by repairing and tightening the skin.

During the endermology treatments mechanized rollers are applied to the skin. These rollers stimulate the body’s circulation and encourage better drainage by the lymphatic system. It reduces the build-up of fluids and toxins in the body which produces smoother, younger-looking skin.

Though often used as an aesthetic treatment, endermology is so much more. Everyone can benefit from a healthier lymphatic system. A flowing, healthy lymphatic system promotes better overall health and body function by removing impurities and waste products and allowing the cells to function at optimal rates.

Endermology has also been used effectively to relieve muscle soreness, boost energy, reduce anxiety, and as a toning therapy in conjunction with fat freezing, SculpSure, and HiFR treatments.

Promotes Healthy Skin Tissue


Galvanic Cellulite Treatment

Galvanic cellulite treatments can help melt away the cellulite that exists in the thighs and buttocks area by amplifying the effects of topical anti-cellulite treatments. It can also break up fluid retention, thus improving the skin’s condition and encouraging blood circulation and lymph circulation.

During the galvanic cellulite treatments, direct currents are produced by a pair of electrodes. These electrodes produce polar and interpolar (“pushing” and “pulling”) effects, thereby working the electrically-charged cellulite products deep into the skin.