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Facial Fillers, Aesthetics, & Weight Loss   Click To Call Us Now!

Your wedding is just days away, and you feel that you won’t fit into your gown. You wouldn’t want to ruin that very special day!
Herbal Body Wraps in Norwood, MA

What if we tell you there is way to drop a dress size in a week— without surgery? Read on!

Body wraps are quickly becoming a popular spa treatment intended to cause instant weight loss and treat sagging skin. In this treatment, the body is wrapped with a material soaked in herbs. This painless treatment takes an hour and is often accompanied by a gentle massage, steam, and aromatherapy. This process nourishes and cleanses the tissues by encouraging circulatory and lymphatic flow. This in turn results in the removal of wastes in the body and in healthy weight reduction.
Body by Design Body Wraps

Here are some of the ways you can benefit from herbal body wraps:
body wrap

Instant inch loss
Cellulite reduction
Body toning
Tighter skin

I heard body wraps are dangerous as it causes dehydration and skin aging. Is that true?

Certain types of body wraps are found to be ineffective and dangerous as they cause dehydration. If you are looking a safe body wrap treatment, there are certain types of body wraps that will not cause fluid loss. Ask your spa specialist for this or other concerns you may have.


Body By Design offers a special body wrap treatment that is safe and healthy. Call us today!

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