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“I lost 80 pounds at Body by Design and I was so impressed with the program that now I work here! It feels amazing having my life back! Not only do I look better, but I feel great too!”
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The Crispiest Kale Chip Recipe You'll Ever Try

The Crispiest Kale Chip Recipe You\'ll Ever TryKale chips are absolutely delectable and so, so good for you. But sometimes, they can turn out a little bit soggy, particularly if they are left out for a day or two. Here is our best recipe for delicious, Crispy Ranch Kale Chip recipe. We have found that cooking them at a lower temperature makes the crispiness last much longer. Plus, the ranch flavoring is to die for! Kale chips are so good for you. They have many health benefits that will help with your weight loss efforts, especially! It has a good amount of fiber and sulfur, which both help you to digest food better. Fiber can help to lower your cholesterol, too. Kale also has large amounts of vitamin C, which will give a strong boost to your metabolism. Vitamin C also hydrates your system so that you can continuously have good, even, blood sugar levels. [%sbmodule:button_bodywrapoffer%] When you eat kale... read more

How to Begin Running

Since the beginning of summer, you’ve probably seen loads of people jogging and running along the side of the road. Have you ever wished that you could do the same? That you could slip your hair into a ponytail and don a fluorescent outfit and run outside without embarrassing yourself? Well, here’s how you can get started and make that dream come true! When you are choosing any exercise program, it’s best to analyze the benefits that you want from your workout. Running is amazing, because it can help slim your body, give you great abs, nice, hard buns, and amazing calves and thighs. Running also helps to get rid of stress and combat heart disease, as well. [%sbmodule:button_lipolaser%] The first thing to do when you are beginning to run is to find a good pair of shoes. You don’t necessarily need to go out and buy the newest and greatest – an... read more

Top 4 Sources of Toxins (Not in Our Food)

By now most everyone has heard about and learned about how dangerous toxins are in our food source. Organic food, GMO-free food, and preservative-free food are becoming easier to find. Locally grown food markets and farmers markets pop up in parking lots all over town. It’s great! Once we cut out the toxins in our food source we still need to be aware of the toxins in our environment, and cut those out too. [%sbmodule:button_report%] Toxins in any form are damaging to the body. The destructive results are many. Toxins: Impede weight loss. Block your fat-burning hormones from working properly. Cause disease like autoimmune diseases and unknown sicknesses. Can lead to cancer. Weaken the immune system. Cause pain and tenderness in joints. Result in tired, restlessness and make sleep difficult. Trigger headaches and migraines. Just one of those ailments listed above is enough to make you want to avoid any and all toxins at all costs, right? Imagine, most people have several of... read more

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